How I came to be a Personal Care Assistant.

The original plan was to go to university and study mental health nursing or a subject similar. However as my grades struggled due to my mental health and stubbornness I was pulled aside and told that I would have to think again about my plans for the future. I continued to study at college and passed Health and Social care with a Merit and Psychology A level with a D overall.

After leaving college I looked into what I could do with my new 24hr/7 day a week freedom, and with most of my friends packing up for uni I needed something to do with myself that I’d be able to go out and adult with.

At this point I had a part time job that I’d started in March of 2016 as a cleaner in an infant school. Not glamorous but it was close to college, was easy enough for 2 hours a day and I enjoyed walking with a few mates from college to work every day.

An example of where I spend most of my afternoons, bucket and spray in hand.

I won’t lie; I did enjoy my cleaning job. It was the same routine everyday which had taught me time efficiency for each task (e.g. hovering though the classrooms, cleaning the classrooms etc… within my two hour time limit) and had given me a small but regular income. However after the summer holidays I knew that I would have to find something that took up more of my time and that would give me an income that would allow me more freedom.

This is when I started looking at what I’d actually be able to do with the qualifications, experience and knowledge I had.

I had briefly lived with my grandparents, knew about care plans and medication, and had studied changes in older people so it pointed me in one direction: Elderly Care. (It also helped that my mum was currently working as a housekeeper and kept throwing vacancy fliers at me.)

I knew I wouldn’t be able to work in a care home. I’d hate the enclosed space of it and lack of privacy I imagined residents would face.

So what other options are there?

Community care.

This is when carers and housekeepers go to customer’s house. This means that instead of older people moving into a home they are looked after in their own homes. (An ideal place for me to work.) I’d even been to the village nearest me before for a summer fete a few years back. So I filled in the forms and submitted them. I had my ‘over the phone’ part of the interview process in the upstairs of a café Nero. I struggled to hear and due to the suddenness of the phone call I felt very unprepared and uneasy. Nevertheless, I managed to get my way through the call and after some confusion about me driving or working “on site”.

I went for my interview and despite having no work related experience that wasn’t a week’s placement I was offered the job.

The contents of my pockets on work days

I began my training a week later and before I knew it I was a personal care assistant working on my own to assist people in carrying out everyday tasks such as showering, making meals, giving medication and providing company and friendship to those who need it.

I never imagined myself in this job; but I love it. I love the people I work with and the people I work for.


Thank you x


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