A first for everything.

Is now the time to admit that I’ve never really read blogs?

Obviously I’ve read the odd one or two but I’ve not really done much reading since I left college and finished my training for work.

As I briefly mentioned on my about me page I decided to write this mess so that

  1.  I can keep track of myself
  2. because I’m a personal care assistant and I feel it may be helpful for some to have some insight into the day-to-day in my job.

I definitely already see some cons of writing this; mainly that I have no skill in writing reflectively at all. This is already a mess and it’s the first thing I’ve written but if you’re able to stick around and follow my progression I’d appreciate it.

A little bit of background would be useful I think.

My name is Rebecca (or Becca) and I’m 18. I currently live with my mum and two younger siblings on a road where talking to your neighbours seems to be a sin. I’ve been with my partner for over three years now but I think I’ll have to wait until he finds this to ask if he wants to be included in it at all.


You know in GCSE English when you read back the first paragraph and sit there wondering if you ever learnt english in the first place? I’ve just had that with this.

I shall continue with my getting into work story in my next post.
Thank you x


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